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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Spending Down Individual Capital

Michael BooneOn a personal planning basis, when we think of saving for retirement we think of a small amount of money that builds and builds to a large amount which is finally withdrawn from in retirement years.  But we seldom talk about the other side of the equation: what economists call human or individual capital. 


A Time and Place for Life Settlements

Sales of existing life insurance policies to third parties—often referred to as "life settlements"—have grown exponentially in recent years, and that trend appears likely to continue, according the NASD. The NASD recently issued a notice to brokerage firms and associated persons that life settlements involving variable insurance policies are securities transactions, and firms and associated persons involved in such transactions are subject to applicable NASD rules.


New MBA graduate added to our service staff

Joel WildeboerJoel Wildeboer specializes in Customer Services and New Service implementation. He recently graduated with an M.B.A. in business management from Northwest University.  Previously, he graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in business management and leadership.  While attending school Joel also managed a local restaurant and played basketball, in which he was twice selected both a Team Captain and Eagle Award winner, given to the outstanding team leader on and off the court.

Joel’s passion is for people; developing relationships, learning and teaching. His hobbies include reading, working out and church activities and his favorite weekend getaways are all outdoors; camping, hiking, snowshoeing and fishing.

Long-Term Strategies for Managing Volatility

When the stock market exhibits more than the usual short-term ups and downs, investors’ thoughts typically turn to managing risk.  Although it is usually not desirable to eliminate risk, there are strategies that may help to manage the volatility of your portfolio.  A diversified investment mix, a focus on large cap growth stocks, and exposure to active portfolio managers may all help you deal with greater market volatility.



Couplepreneurs: Starting a Business with Your Better Half Can Reap Huge Rewards – And Unique Problems


LPL’s Lincoln Anderson Market Update

I am happy to report that, in my opinion, the mountain of a problem that sub prime mortgages supposedly represented did turn out to be more like a molehill.  Yet again, the media blew a smallish problem for the economy and financial markets way out of proportion.  And financial markets have largely recovered from the scare. Broad equity indexes like the Dow, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ have completely recovered from the trough hit in mid-August. 


What You Can Do Before the Kiddie Tax Loophole Closes

When President Bush signed new legislation in May to limit gifts to children that take advantage of their lower tax rate, it was the second time in just over 12 months that Congress extended the reach of the so-called kiddie tax, which subjects a child’s income to his/her parents’ higher tax rate.