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Monthly Archives: November 2007

LPL’s Economic Update

Below, LPL’s Lincoln Anderson provides his in depth analysis of where the US economy has been and what recent changes have taken place.  The powerpoint version has additional comments but we have also provided an adobe (.pdf) version as well.



 Adobe (.pdf):


Protecting Your Portfolio from Geopolitical Risk

LPL’s Chief Strategist has written a paper discussing what kinds of things can go wrong in the world and how to protect yourself from these things financially.

Click below for the full article:


LPL’s Predictions for 2008

Click below for LPL’s predictions for 2008:


A guide to withdrawing retirement assets

A lot is being written about how much money Americans can withdraw from their investments to fund their retirement years.  Now, a new research institute launched by Fidelity Investments has outlined the order in which money should be withdrawn from various tax-deferred and taxable investment accounts.  Described as the ‘withdrawal hierarchy,’ we have added to and expanded upon the Fidelity Research Institute recommendations.


Traditional or Roth: Which Retirement Account Is Right for You?

Because both Roth IRAs and traditional IRAs present compelling advantages, individual circumstances typically determine which choice is best for a given investor. The decision requires a careful analysis of eligibility rules, tax issues, distribution requirements, and regulations governing rollovers from employer-sponsored plans.


Giving Thanks for Capitalism and Plenty by Jeff Kleintop, Senior Strategist, LPL

Conditions were poor for the Pilgrims during the first few years at Plymouth Bay Colony. Crop yields were poor, and many went hungry. The Governor of Plymouth, William Bradford, wrote that the old English tradition of farming in common – where the harvest was pooled and rationed –


The Economy keeps on Ticking by Lincoln Anderson, LPL Chief Economist

Well, despite all the doom and gloom out there in the media, the economy keeps on ticking.  The headlines are screaming about subprime mortgage loan problems, but the macroeconomic data continues to improve. 


How Your Personality Affects Your Financial Decision-making

The recent volatility in the stock market has everyone a little jumpy – especially clients who have just started with us. That is why it is important to periodically update your risk tolerance questionnaire. Let us know if you want to update your forms.


Investing in Fine Art

Art represents different things to different people. To some, it is "an adventure of the mind."1 To others, it’s "a signature of civilization"2 or "a lie that makes us realize the truth."3 And still to others it is "an instrument of moral propaganda."4 Art may be any of these, but when you consider it a bit more pragmatically, it is also a potentially profitable investment opportunity.


Net Worth: It’s Your Most Important Number

Many investors can quickly recall their annual income, the value of their home and other measures of how they are doing financially. But when it comes to knowing their net worth, the same investors may be scratching their heads. It’s important to know your net worth — and monitor it periodically — because net worth is the most important gauge of whether you are building wealth over time.