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Monthly Archives: January 2008

New LPL Economic Update

LPL Financial has put out an Economy and Financial Markets piece. To read this article, please click on the link below:


Preparing for the Ups and Downs

An Article presented by American Funds describing how volatile markets can affect savings during a person’s retirement. This article is coupled with a quarterly statsitical update from American Funds.

To view the American Funds article, please click on the link below:




Is $100 the Peak? The Geopolitical Origin of $100 Oil

In this article, LPL’s Jeff Kleintop writes on why the price of oil hit $100 a barrel and where the price of oil might be in the future. To read this article please click on the link below.



Surviving a Bear Market

Not that long ago, the idea of a bear market seemed almost inconceivable. For an entire generation of investors, the great bull runs of the 1980s and 1990s were the only markets ever experienced. But the new millennium brought with it a dose of reality, and even novice investors have learned that markets can — and do — go down as well as up.


New LPL Market Update for January 22, 2008

LPL’s Lincoln Anderson has put out another timely Market Update. To read the article please click on the link below:



The Dismal Science — Economics: Black Swans and the Mortgage Crisis Redux

"A single observation can invalidate a general statement derived from millennia of confirmatory sightings of millions of white swans.  All you need is a single black [one].”


From “The Black Swan”

By Nassim Taleb (2007)


Previously, I posed an observation that the current “mortgage crisis” is a “Black Swan”.  If that is so, if one knew in advance that a “Black Swan” was present, what actions could reasonably be taken?


Market Update from LPL’s Lincoln Anderson

The media is now worried about recession.  Doom and gloom is everywhere, and the stock market is off to an awful start this year.   The Dow is down 6.0% year to date, and the S&P 500 is down 6.5%.  Some (the optimists!) are comparing the current “credit market crisis” with 1998, when we had emerging market debt defaults and a big hedge fund named “Long-Term Capital” blew up.  Back then, the S&P 500, which had been showing big gains, dropped about as sharply as it has lately and then recovered for nearly two years as the “credit crisis” faded.


Robert Reamer is now a candidate for his CFP Certificate

Robert has completed his coursework and received a passing grade on the Certified Financial Planner ® examination.  His remaining requirement for becoming a CFP ® licensee  is three  years of industry experience.  We are proud of his dedication and commitment to obtaining this degree, which is the most recognized and respected in the financial planning profession.  Please join us in congratulating Robert for all his hard work!

The Ins and Outs of Audits

According to the Kiplinger Letter, random federal tax audits are starting up again in October after a brief hiatus – about 13,000 taxpayers will receive letters. These are the infamous “line” audits, designed to provide a database to be used in designing guidelines for more efficient inspection of returns. Agents will reportedly be looking specifically for hidden or underreported income and exaggerated credits and deductions listed on Schedules C (profit or loss from business) and F (profit or loss from farming).


Is Conventional Do-it-yourself Planning Right for You?

Do online interactive financial planning models really help people in deciding how much to save, to insure, and to invest in stocks and other asset classes?  These models vary in complexity and in level of detail, according to a recent Boston University School of Management Conference on the Future of Life-Cycle Saving & Investing.