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Monthly Archives: March 2008

LPL Weekly Market Update

Jeff Kleintop, Chief Economic Strategist at LPL Financial has put out a new weekly market update. To view this market piece, please click on the link below:



Thank you! Our clients have selected us “Seattle’s Best in Client Satisfaction” again for 2008

Thank you very much to our clients for nominating and selecting us as a 5-Star award winner “Best in Client Satisfaction”, every year since its inception.  The FIVE STAR award is the only award that is based primarily on independently-verified customer satisfaction and only the top 7 percent of professionals are selected for the honor.  Again, thank you to our clients for making this possible!

LPL’s Market Update

LPL’s Lincoln Anderson has put out the newest market update, for the week March 18-21. To see this article, please click on the link below: 


Most People Don’t Have Enough Disability Insurance ─ Don’t Make That Mistake

Disability insurance protects your ability to earn an income. It provides money to pay your rent, mortgage and all your basic living expenses if you are injured or sick for an extended period. It is called disability Insurance or disability income protection but think of it as income replacement when you are sick or hurt and cannot work. At any age, you are about six times more likely to be disabled for some period of time than to die.


Get A Head Start On Tax Planning For 2008

It’s still a month until most of us will file our 2007 tax returns, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind key tax changes that will affect our 2008 returns.  Here are some of the highlights:


LPL Lincoln’s Anderson Market Update

 I have to say honestly – as I always do – that this sub-prime problem is obviously bigger than I anticipated.  The amount of leverage in “hedge” funds and many of the big banks has caused some serious dislocations.  Also, we have had bad actors – some secondary mortgage companies that have not allowed folks to refinance their first mortgages, primary dealers that have backed away from supporting auction rate securities markets, predatory lenders, etc.  The scope of this problem also caught the Treasury and the Federal Reserve (Fed) by surprise, but they are catching up fast. 


Investing for Women Seminar

Are you confident in your ability to achieve financial freedom? Do you have a fear of becoming financially destitute? Are you equipped with the knowledge and skills required to ensure financial security over your lifetime?


Fools Gold: $1000 per ounce

LPL’s Lincoln Anderson has a brand new commentary piece on the current price of gold and the reasoning behind the dramatic increase in price. To see this article, please click on the link below:


Oil & Gas Partnerships

Have you ever wondered what they are or whether they are an appropriate investment for you?

An oil and gas partnership is a direct investment in exploration and production for energy resources. These investments have minimum net worth and income thresholds, although do not generally require accredited investors. Investors typically receive monthly cash distributions (these are not guaranteed) that will continue as long as there are productive wells, years into the future.


It’s Time to Start Thinking About the Estate Tax Again

It’s getting to be the case that virtually any standalone investment product sold to individuals can be repackaged into a mutual fund. It makes a lot of sense – everyone already knows what a mutual fund is, and all that’s left to explain is the objective, availability of capital, specific risks and fees.