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Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Oil Bubble

"In last week’s commentary, we noted that the powerful stock market rebound from the low of mid-March was now likely to give way to a volatile, but range-bound summer leading up to election. Last week’s performance likely marks the start of this summer of volatility, which is typical of presidential election years. This big contributor to last week’s stock market pullback was the sure in oil prices".

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What Is Momentum Investing?

Most stocks make some kind of decisive move every year. This move, according to the philosophy behind momentum investing, follows the 80-20 adage: The stocks exhibit about 80% of their movement over 20% of the time. There are always those high flyers that seem to have 1 to 2 years of hyper-performance, but, generally speaking, most stocks have a “burst” of movement during a relatively short period. Fortunately for investors, different stocks seem to move at different times.


Aimée Huff, CFP, CFA, in the Seattle Times

"Aimée Huff, a certified- financial planner and chartered financial analyst with MWBoone and Associates, of Bellevue, is working with Glenn and Laurie Griffin to produce a plan that will allow them to pay for their daughter’s college, retire in 10 years and meet the purchase of a new house." 

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My Financial Adviser Is Losing Me Money!

"Don’t lose faith in your planner just because he keeps you invested in a down market. Ask yourself these questions first."

A CNN Money article on answering questions that you may have on investing with a financial advisor during a down market. To see the rest of this article, please click on the link below:



Before the Summer Hurricane and Tornado Season Begins, Develop Your Own Disaster Plan for Home and Business

Here are some key planning ideas that will help you and your family emerge more effectively from any weather-related disaster:

Call your insurance agents.
We say agents in case you deal with more than one agent for home, life, health, auto and business coverages. Talk to them about whether they feel your coverage is adequate based on any number of emergency scenarios. If you had a huge medical bill, could you pay your deductible and any uncovered costs out of your own reserve funds? How’s your life insurance for you and your spouse? Is your home insurance based on the highest replacement value figures for your neighborhood? If you are in a designated flood area, is your insurance up to date? While you’re at it, see if your insurance will cover temporary relocation and car replacement if you need it.


The Fed is not Printing Money

"A number of economists have been asserting that the Federal Reserve (the Fed) has engaged in a prolonged bout of money creation, creating a "sea of liquidity" tha has been expected for some time to generate a sizable rise in inflation. My problem with these asertions is that I cannot see the sea.

While it is true that broad money measures, notably Money with Zero Maturity (MZM) and Broad Money(M2), have experienced higher growth over the last year or so, the Federal Reserve balance sheet (Reserve Bank Credit), bank reserves plus ….."

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Inflation Infactuation

"As we have highlighted in recent commentaries, the widely watched challenges such as a sluggish economy, falling home prices, and rising unemployment are all lagging indicators of stock market direction. One of the key factors we are watching to assess the sutainability of the stock market rally over the past couple of months is the outlook for inflation. The year-over-year pace of inflation, excluding energy and food prices, remains in line with the 10 year average and in the middle of the 2-3% range it has been for the past three years".

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Weekly Economic Commentary

"Last week’s muted data calendar was largely ignored as financial markets fretted about rising oils prices and another leg down for financial firms. On balance the data that was released suggested that first quarter real GDP will be revised up to over 1.0%, from the originally reported +0.6%, and that GDP growth in Q2 2008 is still tracking to the positive side of zero".

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Estate Planning for the Worst Possible Scenario –

The reason why some parents hesitate to make an estate plan is understandable.  It calls into consideration your worst fears – the possibility of your death or your kids facing life without one or the other parent.


A Long-term Care Insurance Primer

As millions of Baby Boomers head into their retirement years, it’s surprising how few actually know that the government provides little more than a few weeks of financial support for home-based or nursing home care when the average person needs it for at least a year.