In the financial planning and management business, it is critical that we look past the soundbites and headlines to the facts underlying a situation.   In finance, the facts are often in numerical form and every bit of true information we can gather has some value.   In this regular feature we will highlight some numbers that have a lot to say, or are at least interesting to consider.   Most will be about economics or personal finance, but some may only be there because we thought they were interesting. We hope you enjoy.


The percentage of pre-retirement income that American workers will need in retirement, due to projected 3% annual inflation and higher medical costs.



The percentage of workers surveyed who are on track to meet their retirement income requirement. (Hewitt Associates)



The annualized increase in revolving consumer credit in May.  (Federal Reserve)



Foreclosure filings in June, up 53% from 2007 (Realty Trac)



Anchorage Alaska’s share of the 1.3m acres of Public Parkland in the 60 largest U.S. cities.  (Trust for Public  Land)


The net revenue generated for state governments by lotteries in 2006, the latest year for which figures are available.



The amount paid to winners by state lotteries for every $1 of ticket sales  (Carnegie Mellon University)



The Energy Information Administration’s estimate of U.S. electricity rate hikes in 2008. (



The increase projected for 2009. (



The percentage of respondents age 18 to 34 who have had their telephone, cable or utilities cut off at some point. (Qvisory)


$.58 ½   

The new standard per-mile deduction for business driving the last six months of 2008, up from 50.5 cents per mile the first half of the year.