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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Health Care Sector Overview

"We continue to recommend an underweight allocation to the Health Care sector. Though we have warmed up to the Health Care sector in recent months, we continue to reommend a moderate underweight allocation to the sector. Uncertainty, around the upcoming election is the primary driver of our caution, though our preference for more economically-sensitive areas of the market ahead of an eventful economic recovery also suggests more moderate exposure. While valuations are attractive relative to the market, the sector’s recent rebound has left valuation’s less compelling and technical indicators mixed".

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Underperformance Overseas

While we acknowledge the importance of a global mindset when it comes to investing, we have held a negative outlook on the relative performance of  the international markets all year. This outlook has recently been rewarded. Dollar weakness kept the U.S. market, tracked by the S&P 500, and the international markets, tracked by the MSCI EAFE index, tracking each other very closely until about a month ago. In mid-July, the foreign markets began to sharply underperform as the U.S. markets rebounded. The combined pressures of a rising dollar and weakening European and Asian developed market economic data resulted in the U.S. outperformance.

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MFS Chief Strategist Corner: The Election Buzz

Campaign promises are very different from the reality of running a country. So, a certain amount of discounting need be applied. As we head toward the election season, I want to take a look at some of the influence a president can have on the economy and what an election may mean for the economy.