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Independent Fee-Only Financial Planning

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What I can do for you as a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner:

Aid you in compiling a complete financial statement and in setting goals

A doctor consulted about a physical ailment usually begins by taking a complete medical history. A CFP(tm) professional also takes the professional approach by helping complete a comprehensive and confidential financial analysis. Specialized training and experience enables me to know what questions to ask when helping you define your personal goals.

Analyze relevant aspects of your current financial picture

Your financial situation has many components (assets, income, insurance, taxes, business interests, wills, etc.) which will benefit from careful scrutiny and analysis in light of your objectives. I also consider how the current legal, tax and economic environments affect your objectives.

Identify weaknesses and recommend improvements

The CFP(tm) practitioner's objective is to help you get the most out of every dollar by designing a strategy which will overcome any weakness in your present program, and provide specific recommendations to help you achieve your financial objectives. Of course, there is no guarantee that your objectives will be met.

Coordinate and implement your plan

Any financial plan, no matter how impressive or well designed, is worthless unless it is implemented. This is the true talent of a good CFP(tm) practitioner: seeing that all the elements of your plan are put into effect and that the work of specialists, such as your attorney or accountant, are coordinated on your behalf.

  • Independent Advice from on staff CFP licensee, MBA, CFA, and AAMS.
  • A comprehensive or "just what I need" approach.
  • Retirement, Estate, Tax, Investment, College and Insurance planning.
  • Stock options, early retirement and portfolio risk and performance analysis are specialties.
  • First meeting is at no-cost, $1,000 minimum planning fee for new clients.

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