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Shawn Nelson, CFP®

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We asked Shawn to share why he became a financial advisor and how he came to the firm:

“I enjoy helping people with their financial decisions.  Whether it is by developing a financial plan, managing a portfolio, protecting assets, or providing advice, I aspire to make a difference in every client’s life.

I had an interest early on with saving and investing.  My parents encouraged me to save money during grade school.  They opened a mutual fund account for me around age 10.  I remember Black Monday on October 19th, 1987 as a 12 year old because I saw my investments lose value.   Later in high school, I took an economics class where I learned important concepts such as opportunity cost, supply and demand imbalances and adjusting to a changing business climate.  These concepts still apply today.  Investing allowed me to buy a car for cash at age 16, pay college expenses, and taught me principles about compound growth.

In college, I earned an internship at a major brokerage firm, which revealed how stockbrokers managed money.  Further, I initiated an independent research project for college credit analyzing my grandparent’s complex portfolio.  At the end of the project, I realized that they needed professional advice and searched for a financial advisor.  This led me to Michael Boone in 1997.  I attended all meetings with them and listened to the advice he gave them about asset allocation and estate planning.  This gave me perspective and a desire to learn more about financial planning. 

I earned my B.A. degree in Finance in 1997.  The first two years of my professional career focused on institutional investments; analyzing investment managers, monitoring asset allocation policies for billion dollar portfolios, but it was missing a personal touch. I reflected back on my experience and made the decision to become a financial advisor. 

Michael Boone provided direction how to become a financial advisor.  I started with a financial planning firm, earned my licenses, and immediately started helping people achieve their goals. Six months later, Michael asked me to join MWBoone and Associates. 


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