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Investment Management Services

Wealth is neither created overnight nor preserved by accident.  We manage each of our client's assets with their specific goals and situation in mind. Our asset management approach, developed and refined for nearly three decades, utilizes asset allocation as its primary portfolio strategy.

Asset Allocation

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  • By spreading your investments across different kinds of stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents, your portfolio is able to participate in a variety of market sectors while reducing overall risk. While no single investment approach can guarantee success, asset allocation can temper the ups and downs of the market and enhance portfolio returns.

  • The only “safe” portfolio is one that protects capital from the twin threats of inflation and taxes in addition to investment loss.  Our allocation strategy works to combat these constant enemies that weigh down on the growth of your portfolio.

  • Our diversification strategy utilizes “best in breed” portfolio managers in addition to world class intelligence, research, and comprehensive investment tools. This allows us to carefully allocate your assets, monitor them regularly and make changes accordingly.


Private wealth management services

Ideal for the investor interested in premium services, but not interested in paying a commission, we offer custom-made, actively managed, diversified portfolios.

  • Unlike some other advisory programs, we offer thousands of funds with access to unique share classes.  Stocks and bonds are purchased with little or no transaction fees.

  • Because we are independent of investment banks and insurance companies, we have the freedom to offer our clients the best investments we can find. There are many conflicts of interest inherent in representing the issuer of securities and the buyer at the same time. We do not have those conflicts as our client is our only employer.

We are currently accepting asset management clients with $250,000 or greater portfolios.  We offer fee reductions for accounts at $1 million, $5 million, and $10 million levels.

Our typical management fee is approximately 1.0% of assets.


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