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"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach."
-Thoreau, 'Walden'

The financial world can be a lot like the natural world; surviving is about perspective.

To be separated from the fear and greed that comes with the financial markets, and not to be panicked into moving one way or another, is a lot of what an advisor can bring.

Nature is beautiful, almost like a park, but it's also a very dangerous place. It's a very difficult place to live and survive - it's a little like an economy. There can be great times and idyllic moments, but there's also moments of sheer panic. People who are lost in the wilderness may have all of the tools to survive for a long time, but they don't. They lose that sense of perspective in their priorities. What we do, in a financial sense, is to bring those priorities into focus.

 We are fiercely independent. We're not owned by a bank, insurance company, or brokerage firm.

The difference between great craftsmanship and shoddy work is obvious to anyone who actually looks at it in detail. Each one of our advisors has advanced designations and licenses, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM and Chartered Financial Analysts. In each individual portfolio that we design, each client situation that we work, it's built from the ground up. We dig down deep, we do our own due diligence, and it's our goal to take those services that usually have been reserved for wealthy people and to move that to everybody.

Financial advice has been controlled by large companies that originally got into the business by raising money for companies, not by providing financial advice for individuals. It's time for a change. We would love to change the way that financial advice has been delivered in the past. If we can bring craftsmanship to financial advice, an unbiased, independent viewpoint with a relationship that lasts a long time; if that's the kind of change we can bring to the world, I would be thrilled. My passion is serving my clients...

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