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The War for Your Wallet

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There's a war being waged today in the streets of America, and sadly, many of us are losing the fight. It's the War for your Wallet, a conflict between "wants" versus "needs." You don't really need a new car, but you sure want one. Those expensive shoes? You just have to have them. The newest electronic gadget? You really don't need it. You just really want it.

So why the urge to splurge? Because you've been sold by thousands of media messages that bombard you every day. Before you let advertising reach into your pocket again, take a look at how much things really cost over time. How about the car you drive? Let's say you purchase a new vehicle every four years. If you save ten thousand dollars every time you get a new one, you could have an extra hundred thousand dollars over the next twenty years. How about the mortgage on your house? Americans used to purchase homes that were about twice their annual income. Today, it's over four times that amount. Right-sizing your home can create more manageable debt. Imagine saving three hundred dollars every month on your mortgage. Over twenty years, you could have an extra hundred twenty-five thousand dollars in your pocket. That's a nice piece of change.

The idea is to spend wisely, look at your money in both present and future values. Before you buy something big, answer this little question, "Do I really need this? Or do I just really want it?" Work with us to make a monthly budget and stick to it. Use the web to organize your accounts and monitor progress. It'll help you stay on track.

Advertisements shout at you to buy today. But your future is telling you to save for tomorrow. Who wins the battle for your wallet is up to you.

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