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Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

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Last year in America, over 9 million new life insurance policies were purchased. In total, Americans spent over $12 billion in premiums, providing about $3 trillion dollars worth of coverage. That's a lot of life insurance. And you know what? Not one policy was purchased for the benefit of the policy holder. Not one. The $3 trillion dollars of coverage is focused on the needs of others.

Life insurance can provide the cash, the security, and the income for your family when you're no longer there to provide for them. Because life is always changing, your family's needs may be changing too. Many households are actually under-insured and under-protected, and could benefit from additional coverage.

Proper life insurance is the cornerstone of the family's financial plan -- it's important to get it right. So ask yourself these questions: Do I have the right amount of coverage? Am I with the right insurance company? With the right kind of policy? To get the right answers, work with us and see how you can protect the lifetime needs of those you love, and leave a proper legacy that will last long beyond your years.

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